Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yesterday Justin turned five. I took some pictures outside to commemorate the day. Five years ago yesterday, I was tired, in pain, tired and deliriously tired. I labored through the night and by morning, he was born with no option to sleep until the following night. I love this kid so much. He's everything I could have ever wanted in a son. He tells me he loves me (without me saying it first), he's funny, he's happy, he's healthy, he's kind, a good brother. Looking back, all those years I dreamed of having kids, the year leading up to me finally conceiving and giving birth to this awesome little boy makes me realize how much I love him and he was meant to be my son. When I first saw him after being born I felt like I already knew him, like I recognized him as though I've already seen him.

Swim lessons, he's been doing pretty well, more comfortable going underwater and floating on his back.