Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ready to go, I had to wake them so they look kind of confused. *Remember, you can view a picture larger by clicking on it.
At the Adventure Aquarium in NJ touching sharks. Isla's arms were too short to reach.
So many beautiful things to see.
Steve & Justin taking a break.
At the touching pool. Isla was picking up the starfish (she wasn't supposed to) when the girl wasn't paying attention.

Isla & Justin acting silly.

Justin's first face painting ever...a tiger.
Isla loves hippos, I was so happy they were there, as soon as we walked up to the glass, it swam right to her.
Our first day at Sesame Place. The first ride Steve wanted to bring Justin was on the roller coaster, he didn't want to go but then loved it and went on like 5 times total.
High five.
My turn to go with Justin! Steve wanted Isla to go on but I said no way, way to rough for her.
More her speed: the carousel.
They look so tiny next to Big Bird!
Leaving Sesame Park, Isla with her new Big Bird and Justin with a Cookie Monster lego set.
After the park we took a dip in the hotel pool.
Next Isla's turn, they loved riding on my back. I didn't want to get out, I love to swim.
2nd day at Sesame Park, we thought we'd do the water park on this day.
And the kids had a little fun in the beginning....but then decided they didn't want to be there and begged to go on dry rides and play games (I think Steve was disappointed)
They each played a game and here are their prizes...nice face Isla!
Bert & Ernie and Justin & Isla...perfect pairs.
One of the shows we saw.
A cookie monster holding a Cookie Monster.
Leaving the hotel. We loved that hotel. They had a pool, playground, a balloon artist and the most comfortable beds.
At Crayola Factory in PA.
Justin at the melting wax station. Isla was too young.
The kids painting fish sculptures, Ashlee really go into each project.
Shortly before leaving to drive home. It was quite the trip, a lot of highs, a few lows (tantrums and bad restaurants) but so worth the adventure. We are already planning our next trip!