Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas In Pictures

Isla as an elf (a common theme for her this Christmas) at her school performance.
Justin and Isla in front of our tree. There were some hilarious outtakes of this sitting.
Justin and Isla getting jiggy with it at cousin Keeny's on Christmas Eve.
With cousins on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning, santa gave Isla just what she wanted, "baby Starsong that goes to sleep"
Santa brought Justin just what he wanted, Star Wars Imperial Spaceship
A fine mess.
It was a lot of dress clothes for Isla - Snow White
Ballerina and butterfly wings and wand
I did a lot of baking even though I kept saying I wasn't going to this year. Gingerbread men cookies for Justin's class.
Pink reindeer for Isla
Snowmen for Justin
Red velvet cupcakes for the party on Christmas Eve.

A gift from my mom and Lainy - it's so pretty at night when it's lit up!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was going well and then one by one we each were diagnosed with Strep (Justin was the last this morning). We had big plans to go to the movies, out to eat, play in the snow, etc but it didn't go as planned. It really was a downer all being home (no school or work) and not being able to go anywhere. There's always next year, right?
I just packed away the last of the ornaments today and going to enjoy a very quiet New Year's Eve with just us. We were invited to a few houses but I turned them down - I don't want to get anyone sick and the kids are still acting a little off. Again, there's always next year. We'll have to party twice as hard to make up for this year's lose!!!