Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Nutcracker

December 12
Yesterday the kids and I decorated a gingerbread house. I let them do most of the work. This year we added Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I'll post picture soon). Isla's really into Snow White this year.
Last night I took Isla to see the Nutcracker. This is Julia and Noah's 2nd year in the show and I thought Isla was old enough to see it (Justin would be bored and probably end up falling asleep). I really wanted her to see it and asked if she may want to be in it next year, of course she said yes, not sure if I'm up to all that driving next year so we'll see. She already picked out her roles. She wants to be a mouse and a peppermint. She cried when she saw the Nutcracker (the life sized dancer) then it got worse because the mouse and the nutcracker started to sword fight. I told her to close her eyes, that seemed to do the trick. When the Nutcracker finally took off his mask, I told her that the Nutcracker was really a handsome prince. She stared at him for the rest of the scene. Other than that I think the show really moved her. How could it not? It's so amazing beautiful.