Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


Steve asked me the other day why I have separate scrapbooks for each Justin and Isla. The main reason is they have different stories to tell. I'm all about 'telling the story' and that's the main reason I even scrapbook. The papers and embellishments are fun too but you will rarely see a page with no words (journaling) on it. Sure I could cram both their stories on one page but the papers and embellishments are also instrumental in describing them too. I love using orange for Justin, it's a color I relate to him, probably because he looks good in that color and it's a strong color too. I like his pages to look more worn or vintage. I love using pink for Isla's pages. It's such a feminine color and she loves it right now. I like making her pages more graphic and clean. I bend on both but I see them as different so I scrapbook them different. Oh and I also use a picture (s) that is the best of them. So the picture in Justin's MOST page, Justin looks great, Isla's looking away so the picture describes his day, not hers.
Here are a few more of the latest...and I'm officially caught up, yay!