Thursday, March 25, 2010


I've been collecting some of Justin's artwork for some time now. When I open his school folder, I'm curious to what I'm going to find. This detailed artwork started just this school year. It's so detailed and it shows so much patience for a five year old. Many of these are on the backs of his writing practice sheets and other school work. His teacher describes him as very artistic. It's funny because I never saw him that way before, until now. I think it's very interesting. Thought you might enjoy it too!
Can you see the words I can see in the middle of all the shapes?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

The leprechaun left the kids a pot of gold again this year! Oh come on, doesn't it look cool? Wouldn't you love to stumble on this as a kid? Thought so!
I have separate pictures of the kids this year because they had their parties at school on different days. Justin said that a leprechaun came into their classroom and threw candy on the kid's tables. He had a fun day.
I sent Isla to school with shamrock cookies for her class. She came home with tons of treats and crafts.
I love this shot of her. It looks like a Myspace picture, you know when someone has their arm extended to take their own picture and then looks away like someone randomly took the picture while they were in deep thought.

Typical Isla. She's a loon.

Easter Bunny

There's so much to say about Isla in this picture like I can't believe how big she looks! She went from baby to little girl over night. She picked out her own outfit, I protested at first than realized she actually matched and it was something I could point out to her when she's older and asks why I dressed her in a gingham dress with heart tights. This is also her first picture with the bunny since she was an infant. She's protested the last two years and finally this year she's not afraid. They both did great, perfect smiles.