Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just some quick TTVs, I haven't done any in a while, I love the effect. Spring was starting out to be warm but then turned cold again on us for the past few days. These are from last week, the kids just enjoying being outside.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

T-ball and light!

T-ball has just started and Justin is in his glory. Outside pictures has started for me and I'm in my glory.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Huge Easter Post!

Here's how we celebrated Easter:
A very time consuming craft of making paper mache peek-a-boo egg houses for our Easter village.
I came up with this idea of letting the kids decorate their own cookies. I outlined and dried frosting to make a 'dam' and then put thinned frosting in squeeze bottles.

They did well, just a little light on the frosting....

I had their studios taken, something I force myself to do because the results are so great but such a hassle to get it all organized.
I love this candid shot, the bunny kept trying to hop away from Justin and Isla is sneaking a peek.
These are a few new Easter book I bought this year that we LOVE. Richard Scarry is my all time favorite illustrator (he did the book on the left).
I made cookies for the kid's classes, I love making these kinds of cookies. I got started after coming across this blog. I get my supplies from Bake It Pretty.
We go to this flower shop every year to see the chicks.

It's been so warm here in NY which is unheard of this time of year. This day it was in the 80's!
Egg dyeing !

This was at our local zoo egg hunt.

Here are their baskets with a giant bunny that Steve won in a raffle. It really created the 'wow factor' for the kids in the morning.
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!