Friday, May 14, 2010

All Around the Parks

Taken at Islands of Adventure. I love this Fruit sign, the colors pop. I was able to get a clear shot of it because the park was dead when we first arrived.
This is at Hollywood Studios and the place we ate lunch, Sci-Fi restaurant.
Everything in Animal Kingdom was designed to look old and rustic. I took this picture with scrapbooking in mind.
Dinoland in Animal Kingdom. This is the roof to the restaurant we ate at. Disney really pays attention to detail and adds humor to it.
I wish I had an unobstructive view of Minnie's Cottage. Isn't it cute?
This was in a gift shop at Magic Kingdom that looked like a giant tree. This is the view as you look up, I'll bet a lot of people don't even notice it because I almost missed it.
This was the back of a trailer selling ice cream at Universal Studios. I loved the old travel stickers. Someone should bring these back and sell them.