Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 1 - Travel Day

Plane ride went smoothly, kids were great, no delays, we were off to a great start!

Our hotel was BEAUTIFUL!! It had a Bahamas/Pirate theme. The property was amazing.
Our 'room' was more like an apartment with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, full living room, two private rooms with their own bathrooms. It was perfect for us.
Our first stop was LEGO store in Downtown Disney. I loved this store. It was so much fun inside.
Justin in his LEGO shirt. Yup, I planned it.
He did the 'pick a brick' and filled a container of the LEGOS of his choice. This was the first of three trips here, Steve couldn't resist and bought him more LEGOS every time.
Next was dinner at the T-Rex. The atmosphere was incredible!!!! BUT, the food, not too great.

Isla would get scared when the storm would roll in (every 20 minutes). It was a meteor shower, I think...
Ashlee looks good here but she becomes sick right away with allergies and it kind of ruins things for her as you will find out later stay tuned.