Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 2 - Epcot

The kids standing in front of Spaceship Earth before the park opened. Isla's hair was nicely done but then she took her barrette out and lost it so her hair was in her face (see below).
Isla posing with Marie from Aristocats, Isla LOVES her so it was a treat seeing her. I bought her a Marie stuffed cat later in the day. This was in France.
We started our adventure in Mexico, actually. The kids had passports and would have them stamped in each country and would have a charm added to their mask too.
Ashlee and Justin in Mexico, it's so beautiful here. We went on the boat ride too.
Justin in Germany, we bought him the shield and sword.
Me, Isla, Justin and Ashlee in Morocco (can you see us?). The kids all had their name written in Moroccan on their masks.
Isla in Canada, our last stop before we do some more rides in Future World.
They squinted the entire trip! I had sunglasses and hats for them but they would rarely wear them!
The end to our long day. Epcot was by far the hardest day because it was our longest at a park and very hot that day. Stay tuned for the next adventure: Islands of Adventure!