Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 4 - Universal Studios

Universal isn't my favorite park so there are hardly any pictures from there. There's not much for the kids to do either.
Here they are in Bikini Bottom, we spent a lot of time in this store waiting around for Steve & Ashlee to ride rollercoasters and for Spongebob to come out.
This was part of Curious George goes to town.
They LOVED the Ball Factory.
You gather balls and send them up the tube.
And wait for the balls that you gathered to drop.
and scream with excitement when they fall.
Ashlee still sick. Isla took this picture while Steve & Justin were on ET.
At Curious George jungle gym. She kept dancing silly when she would get to that platform, I think Justin took this picture.
Yay Spongebob! Our next park is Magic Kingdom which was the best day ever!