Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 5 - Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was by far, the best day we spent. So much fun for everyone and we rode so many rides.
Ashlee & Isla on Dumbo. You aren't guaranteed a short line to ride Dumbo unless you're there at rope drop and make it your first ride. This was my first time riding too.
Justin on Dumbo. After Dumbo we went on Peter Pan and Snow White.
This is where we all split up. Steve, Justin & Ashlee went on Teacups, Indy Speedway, Buzz and then Space Mountain while me and Isla rode Cinderella's Caroussel, Winnie the Pooh and IT's a Small World (below).
We had a whole boat to ourselves, she LOVED this ride and still talks about it today.
Then we head to Minnie Mouse's Country cottage, we had to go in twice she loved it so much.
I loved this hanging in Minnie's cottage.
Justin with Mickey ice cream ears. Steve buys these every chance he gets.
Aww, Pirates, I love this ride, so did the kids, they were never scared by it. We did a ton more but no pictures to show for it. Steve, Ashlee & Justin rode Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (Justin declared this his favorite ride and I went on with him later in the day) while me and Isla went on Aladdin. We all rode Pirates, The Haunted Mansion, Buzz then Steve and Justin rode Space Mountain (again) and Barnstormer. During that time, me Ashlee and Isla stood in line to see the Princesses. A lot of the pictures the professionals took are still on Photopass so when we get them, I'll post them.

Balloons to end the perfect day.

This was taken later in the evening while we were at Downtown Disney. We were waiting for our Ghirardelli sundaes and I had to get a picture of the guys in front of the beautiful sunset, much prettier in person... Next day is Hollywood Studios!!