Monday, June 14, 2010

Ed Emberley

I'm loving this book. I ordered it and waited to have one of the kids by themselves (it's 100% easier one on one) and Isla won. She LOVED it. I really wasn't sure how she'd do, if she was interested at all. The picture below is my work....
and this is Isla's work:

I had to help her if the thumb or fingerprint needed to be large (her fingers are so tiny still) and she asked me to help her a lot. The caterpillar and the dog is all her work, the rest were done by both of us. She was having so much fun that I was actually surprised. I think she enjoyed using the huge stamp pad (it's the one they suggest on When Justin came home from school she was so excited to share with him. He seemed interested and did a few but not as interested as Isla. I hope this wasn't a waste of money then (because i bought it with him in mind).