Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How We Celebrated the Fourth

This first picture looks odd, doesn't it? Well, it's because I made a little treasure hunt for the kids and it started in the basement. The first clue was the dryer. I spent very little money - $5 on each kid and filled up brown paper bags and a clue to the next spot.
This is their first 'treasure'.
Here's another....
Glow sticks for later that night at fireworks.
There were more that I didn't show (7 treats for each) but the kids loved it so much, they talked about it all morning like it was the greatest thing they ever did. Next we went to the parade. Justin loved watching and running for candy.
Isla had other plans. She found a dog and preferred to hold him than to watch the parade and run for candy.
Later that night we went to fireworks. They were amazing. Isla fell asleep, Justin got bored half way through but it was still fun. Earlier in the day I made these confetti balloons and Justin had fun popping them. They made quite the mess in the backyard and Steve told me I had to pick up every last piece. Have you ever seen anyone vacuum the backyard? Well, I had to.