Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lego Party

The day was a blur for me. It was very hot and humid and I didn't stop moving all day long.
Justin before the party in his Lego shirt all ready to party.
This was the only good shot of them together. He LOVES that action figure he's holding. Can you tell by the expression on his face?
I made this six out of Lego scrapbook paper, it took longer than you would think but he loved it.
Decorating was pretty easy this year, there aren't any Lego theme party supplies so I just used the standard Lego colors and printed some Lego signs off the computer and was done.

We had a huge turnout, there were even more kids not pictured that didn't want to stop playing.

Games were played. Steve failed to take any pictures of the wheel so here's what it looks like:

I didn't make the cake. I ordered it, undecorated and made the Lego font letters and used new minifigures to finish it off.
Justin beaming at the cake. I was pleased with the way it turned out.

The prize table.
The frenzy to cash in their tickets.

Our wonderful guests (I appreciate every one of them, pictured or not):
Bella, Lainy, Chavela, Star
Ashlee and her BF Luke
Kat playing the the B'loonees I gave her.
Julia & Isla
Tristan & Julia
Noah & Julia
Theresa & Joanna
It was a fun party (at least that's what everyone told me). Justin had a great day, brought all his new Lego sets inside and patiently waited for Steve to build them. He got 7 sets of Legos and when I asked him what he wanted to spend his b-day money on, he said 'more Legos'. Um, I think he has enough for now.