Friday, July 16, 2010

More Actions

The original above looked so depressing. I had to play around with it. I did some shadow elimination, contrasting and played with color, adding some green (that reminds me of older pictures I own - I'll post them for fun). I think the results are dreamy.
Some may not like the color enhancement but I just asked Isla which she liked better and she said the bottom one.
This was the same day, later on Aunt Lainy's boat. It was overcast and very gloomy, which is why all the pictures are so dark and grayish. All I did for this one was upped the contrast and added some blue tones.
When I first saw what actions could do and researched on how to create my own, I was very intimidated. I figured, these actions were so expensive, it has to be a difficult thing to pull off. The more I do, the easier it seems to be. Where I lack in camera, I'm trying to make up for in photoshop. We have a nice camera but I'd love an SLR someday.